Welcome to Middle-earth Studios, a non-profit organization dedicated to enriching children's imaginations through costume storytelling. Our organization uses simple costumes and props to bring to life stories involving princesses, animals, pirates, and dragons. During each performance, a storyteller with one or two assistants will dress up to 90 participants, regardless of age or size, into costumes.

bunny hopping

Villagers, mermaids, gypsies, pirates, knights in shining armor. Each story would not be complete without a wide assortmant of character types. Each character type is dressed in a costume that was hand made. We provide costumes for those big and small so that everyone can participate.

Running Princess

Each performance becomes an unpredicable, often hilarious group effort. The story teller may tell the same story more than once, but with different actors and actresses playing out the parts each time, the story is never the same or predictable.

In the end every character, in their own way gets to experience the indescribable feeling of becoming a 'hero'.

Our main base of operations is in Eastern Pennsylvania, but we have performed shows as far away as Singapore. Our shows are free to participate in at any of our theaters listed on the theaters page.

Not only do we perform costume story telling at these parks but we are available to perform at just about any event. If you are interested please send all queries and questions via email or feel free to call at our toll free number listed below.

Come and join the fun at Middle Earth today and let your imagination become a reality!