Middle-earth Story-telling meets a special need in the life of today's youth. In today's world, children often times lack the opportunies that they should be given to express themselves through art and imagination. Middle-earth storytelling is designed to remedy some of these things in the form of live play-acting.

Important benefits For children «

Improvisation »

It offers many children a chance to experience play-acting who might never be able to gain a role in a play due to shyness, handicaps, or the limited number of acting parts available in many productions.

Innocence »

For all children both young and old, it sets up a group attitude which, for a brief time, allows them to share their own world with their peers and their teachers.

Interaction »

It allows all children to interact in a totally non-competitive situation without regard to are, sex, grade level, or special skills.

Involvment »

It establishes the willingness to listen and follow verbal instructions, and reinforces the child's involvment through the use of music, sound effects, and the story-teller's voice.

Imagination »

Every story has been interwoven with subtle pro-social lessons which can open a way to discussion. Each actor gains self-esteem because in the end every character in their own way becomes a "hero".