We offer a variety of stories all with a variety of characters and locations. Each story tells a unique tell involving magical worlds where the children are the stars of the show. The best part about these stories is that you don't have to memorize any lines!

Our trained and experienced storytellers will weave you through the magical tales while our helpers will guide you along in the imaginary world which can be full of dark mountains, fierce oceans, and desolate deserts.

The Free Folk of Middle-earth

This story was inspired by J.R.R Tolkien’s “The Hobbit”. In order to accommodate large character-groups, including hobbits, the plot in this story differs in many ways from the original tale. Peace is won by cooperation among different beings

The legend of the Unicorn

A tale about a beautiful lake which is poisoned by a serpent, and the quest of those who dwell around the lake to make its waters pure once more. Rich in symbolism and full of lessons. A follow-up lesson plan is available.

Meistersingers of Nuremburg

A tale inspired by Wagner’s opera of the same name. A whole kingdom prepares for a singing contest, in which the winner will win the hand of one of the king’s sons or daughters n marriage. What an embarrassment it is to the king when then the winner turns out to be a dragon!





The Flying Pegasus (The pirates of Buccaneer Isle)

By representing themselves as wealthy noblemen, a group of lonely, shifty pirates entice a party of noble English ladies to sail to their tropical island, to become their brides. The pirates’ plans are foiled by a colony of lovely mermaids and by the efforts of the brave sailors of the ship the Flying Pegasus.


The Gypsy Princess

A new-born princess is switched in her cradle with an impostor baby. Rescued by forest animals and raised by a band gypsies, she returns as a young woman to prove her royalty, save her kingdom, and reform the impostors.