Middle-earth story telling is a unique blend of storytelling and children's interactive theater that was developed by the company owners, Carl and Patricia Odhner, who began touring in the USA in 1978 along with a marionette show fashioned after J.R.R. Tolkien's "The Hobbit". Since then thier performing arts company has gone on to produce countless live performances, each with a life of its own all over the country.

This method of combining elements of imagination and fantasy has won the hearts of many children and adults along the way.

Each performance envolves backdrop of a fantastically designed castle theaters with an area in front where the story takes place. At the beginning of each show the storyteller along with their helpers help costume the participants in a hand-made costume that will suit the particular characters in the story. You need not worry how big or small you are. We can provide costumes for people in all sizes and of all ages.

Once everyone is dressed, then the fun happens as the story teller beings their story along with a unique set of sound effects, music, and voices.